Route Details
ID # FP-980
Route Name Wise Route - Net $60k Only $99k total
Total Price $ 99995
Down Payment $ 99995
Weekly Net $ 1200
City Mercer
State New Jersey
Business Description Well established and protected. Work 5 days. This route has 38 cash stops...5 Acmes... Kmart... 2 n bag... Great Value... Shoprite... quick chek... Wawa... . credit and background check required.This route is in a growing and in a desirable area, with lots of potential. No CDL license required. Hand held scanner provided by the company. Computerized records available.This is a Large route, and has the potential to be split,. Products distributed are WISE, DEEP RIVER CHIPS, ANDY CAPS, SNYDER, LANCE, LONG ISLAND ICED TEA, AND MORE..