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Business IDBusiness TypePriceDown PaymentWeekly NetCityStateBusiness Description
RJ-901Bimbo Variety Route - Net $1600 wk - Possible Financing$189000$59000$1600BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected route with 2 territories this gives you a huge protected area. Owner nets over $75k a year and growing. Plenty of untouched stor... View Details
FP-222Tropicana - Net - $570k+ ABSENTEE $2.295,000 Total$2295000$2295000$11201NYCNew YorkWell established and protected route with over $3.3M Sales from over 225K cases at a high gross profit per case ($3+)!!! This is totally absentee, the owner d... View Details
RJ-0660Snacks and more Route - Net 120k -189k Total, Huge Growth Op$189000$130000$2310NYCNew YorkWell established and diverse product line. Selling snacks, sundries, supplies, candy, Aspirin, batteries and more. He services around 120 accounts like C stores... View Details
RJ-8001UTZ - Manhattan Net $86k $199990$199990$1675ManhattanNew YorkEstablished and Protected UTZ Snack Route for Sale. (Uptown, Manhattan).Most stores included are big pharmacies(Duane Reade, open 24/7 and supermarkets. Gross ... View Details
FP-917Food truck - Stationary Net $70k - 2 nights - 8 hours a wk$159000$75000$1346StamfordConnecticut2 stops, unlimited rights, Huge opportunity, Well established and protected with permits and licenses. This business comes with exclusive national rights to the... View Details
FP-555Thomas Muffins Net $115k - $335k total - Financing possible $325000$195000$2210MiddletownNew YorkWell established and protected territory owner is servicing only 7 stops all chains doing over 12k a week. Owner works 30/35 hours 5 days a week, but an aggress... View Details
RJ-8787Simply Orange Starter Route $59,995 Total - Net $500 per wk$59995$59995$500Northern NJNew JerseyThis is a starter route, the company will help you expand the area your in. Formally offered at $119k company wants a route guy to develop the area. Call 1 800 ... View Details
MM-852Herr's Route - Net $34k - Possible Financing w/good credit$49995$49995$650QueensNew YorkHerr's Potato Chip Snack Route Nets $34,000 grow as big as you like no restrictions on open accounts. Works only 2.5 days days per week can be built back up to ... View Details
RJ-0008Simply Orange $50,000 Start up, for sale$50000$25000$350North WestNew JerseyWell established simply Orange route, asking only $25,000 down. This is a start up route, company will get you stops and you will be able to grow with their hel... View Details
FP-1790Wise Chip route - Net 220k+ year - Only $499k$499000$499000$4250NYCNew YorkWell established and protected Wise Chip route. Grossing $15,000-16,000 a week, taking home on average $4,250 per week after expenses. This route has over 100 s... View Details
SFC-100Fedex Line Haul net $90k Only $369k total Absentee$369995$369995$2003WoodbridgeNew YorkWell established Line Haul routes 2 and 2 trucks one is a sleeper that can become long haul owner selling makes a great opportunity to get in cheap to learn mo... View Details
MMK-101UTZ - NET $87k only $219k total$219995$219995$1665Richmond / Staten IslandNew YorkEstablished and protected area selling the full line of UTZ products, Owner works 35 hours a week with room to grow, Call 1 800 801 5519 to learn more ask for R... View Details
RJ-9003KOHLER provisions - Deli Route Net $2,750 2 days!$214995$214995$2750NYCNew York Long Established Deli Route - $214,995 (Brooklyn) Deli Route condensed to only 2 Full Days! Grossing 1.5mil in Sales Per Year, Includes 2003 International, Ser... View Details
MM-337Quiznos Net $100k+ only $49k down - Total $89k total$89000$49000$2115Eastern SuffolkNew YorkWell established Franchise. This location is anchored by several major draws and is between two colleges. This is a million dollar flagship location. If you wan... View Details
JL-102Snyder's-Lance route - $250k Financing with 50k down$249995$199995$1735HartfordConnecticutWell established and protected Snyder's-Lance route with huge potential for growth. This route currently services seven large accounts and generates around 600... View Details
RJ-1501UTZ Snacks - Net $73k - 4-5 days a week $149k Total$149990$149990$1400Canarsie - BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected snack route with unlimited growth potential. Owner makes 90k working part time - 4-5 days. Owner services some C towns Shop Rite,... View Details
ME-453fedx Line Hauls Net $84k Only $229k total ABSENTEE$229000$229000$1615BinghamtonNew YorkWell established and protected mini fleet of Fedex line hauls, Comes with 2 - 2007 - Sleepers doing around 300k in sales. Runs to Albany NY and PA. To learn mor... View Details
ME-455Tree Service + Net $131k Only $249k Total$249995$249995$2518Boston MetroMassachusettsWell established owns since 2004 and has made him a great living Its a solid tree service, landscaping route with 4 trucks and all the equipment including 5 ... View Details
FP-1090Wise Route - Net 1800 wk with helper as Owner/Opperator$199000$129000$1800BronxNew YorkEstablished Wise snack route with a 2008 truck valued at 18k. Special split with mom and pop stops makes 20% chain and up to 49% on mom & pops, Owner operator h... View Details
ROB-111Cafe - Mexican Cafe net $100k $199000$199000$2000BrooklynNew York Mexican restaurant located in Brooklyn serving organic, fresh and delicious Mexican food to eat there or take out or have it delivered This fast growing money ... View Details
FP/RJ 29Specialty Food Route$79000$79000$1000LI & NYCNew YorkGreat established specialty route, Pasta, Cannoli Cheese and other provisions items sold to accounts 3 days a week on long island and the city. Huge expansion p... View Details
RJ-9005 TastyKake - Net $1800 for 35 hours $179k total$179995$139900$1800Monmouth county New JerseyWell established and protected route area with over 25 stops with 8 markets and over a dozen chains like 7/11 even cash stops great opportunity to learn m ore c... View Details
ROB-0713MISSION TORTILLA, CHIPS & WRAPS $119000$95000$76200BrooklynNew YorkIf you are looking for the perfect route in Brooklyn... This is it! A 4 day MISSION route in Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, and Coney Island includes about 35 protecte... View Details
JM-0912Red Mango Yogurt Franchise $289k total $289000$289000$2000Manhattan New YorkThis is a great self serve Franchise, Owner is absentee with a manager you can add 35k to the bottom line in addition to other income that an onsite owner can s... View Details
FP-980Wise Route - Net $60k Only $99k total$99995$99995$1200MercerNew JerseyWell established and protected. Work 5 days. This route has 38 cash stops...5 Acmes... Kmart... 2 n bag... Great Value... Shoprite... quick chek.... View Details
RJ-101Bread Route Nights Net $65k only $79k total$79995$79995$1260NorthernNew JerseyWell established and protected over night bread route, This route is located in Northern New Jersey and the warehouse is in Queens, N.Y. The owner has exclusive... View Details
JM-80022Snapple Net $250k - $799k total$799000$699000$4780SuffolkNew YorkWell established and protected Snapple route selling around 120.000 cases, Close to warehouse. This is an owner operator route with helper. This owner has been... View Details
MK-123Dannon Yogurt - Net 205k / Asking 495k$495000$295000$4000ManhattenNew YorkWell established and protected Dannon route with the same owner for over 20 years. Servicing over 90 mom and pop stops and 7 major accounts. Owner is working 5 ... View Details
Rob-222Mexican Cafe, Simple Menu Net $300k$299000$200000$5790West Village New YorkTired of missing the boat, or in this case it's the next hot area on a main street location in West Village. Serving organic, fresh and delicious Mexican food t... View Details
RJ-0011Simply Orange only $59k total$59000$59000$300Central NJNew JerseyThis is a one day route, the company will help you grow if you want to work. You can make 600 a day or more just delivering juices. There are 2 areas in northe... View Details
ME-210Liquor & Wine Net $215k - Only $559k with $400k down$559000$400000$4135NassauNew YorkWell established Wine & Liquor store, around 1900 sq feet it's Clean with an unfinished basement for storage. The store has heavy lotto traffic and a very low o... View Details
FP-0090Wholesale Bakery Net $455k absentee - has 2 managers $995k R$995000$995000$8750BrooklynNew YorkWell established whole sale bakery with a web site and loyal clients, they have Wholesale accounts thru out USA & Canada. Owner is getting tired and still has o... View Details
ROB-063Snyder's Route Net $60k only $139k total$139000$25000$1200Baltimore MarylandSnyder's-Lance Chip route for sale. Currently generating $280000 in yearly sales and nets $62000 + a year. Work ONLY 3-4 days a week. THIS ROUTE CAN BE FINANCE... View Details
MM-226Martins Bread route Net $67k / $69k down / $129,995 Total$129995$69995$1300Albany AreaNew YorkWell established and Protected Martin's bread route. Servicing 15 accounts, 5 days a week (off Sunday and Monday) 6-8 hours per day. This route is currently gro... View Details
fp-00221Simply Orange $62k+ $115k$115000$115000$1200BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected imply route with queens pick up. Servicing around 100 accounts with 625 cases a week to learn more about this call Frank @ 1 800 ... View Details
RJ-988Hostess/ Stella D'oro Net $90k in 4 days $125k total$125000$125000$1731Manhattan New YorkWell established, exclusive and protected NYC route Stella D'oro route. Work 30 hours a week and service around 180 accounts. Comes with a 2004 vehicle.
JMM-1111Pepsi Route Net $225k only $599k down with Financing$1150000$599995$4250Long IslandNew YorkWell established and protected Pepsi route. Rare opportunity to become part of one of the biggest companies in the world that provides DOCUMENTATION of earnings... View Details
MK-090Marlow Candy Route - Net $62k only $139k total$139000$139000$1201BrooklynNew YorkExclusive candy, company delivers to your home or shop, supplies free racks and merchandise for starter order providing you with Hugh growth. Owner retiring aft... View Details
FP/RJ-56Wholesale Spice - work 2 Days a Week net $52k$79000$79000$1010Brooklyn / NYC / Queens New YorkProtected and exclusive spice distributor with rights to NY - NJ and CT with unlimited growth owner has chain stores and markets this is an exclusive product
fp-699Snack Route net $600 part time $79k total$79995$79995$600HendersonNorth CarolinaWell established and protected national snack route. This route has huge up side got growth In North Carolina.this route needs a van and the owner will deduct $... View Details
RJ-0909Bread Net $88k only $79k with 65k down$75999$64999$1250Staten Island / N/West JerseyNew JerseyWell established 6 night bread route, All corporate accounts. Hospitals, many collages no collecting and no returns, just drop & drive. owner financing with $65... View Details
RJ-0901Herrs Chips - Starter Route, Unlimited Potential$29000$29000$400QueensNew YorkHerrs snacks - Starter Route $29,995 for sale in Queens, NY Great opportunity to expand the base route - work 4 days and make 60k+ protected stops and a huge p... View Details
FP-055Martins Bread - Guarantees $40k Net Only $39k down$89500$39000$900Eastern IllinoisIlliniosThis is a protected and established route, Buyer needs a box truck. Owner guarantees $800 net route is now doing $1,050 a week if you work the route you can add... View Details
rj-981Bread Route Net $3,100 wk 0nly- $199k$199000$199000$3100Queens New YorkWell established fresh bread routes, Route runs from 3:30 am to 9 am seven days the area is Queens owner is servicing high volume local supermarkets To see mo... View Details
RJ-9811Bread Net $3000 wk only $199k total Nassau$199995$199995$3100NassauNew YorkWell established bread route working 3 am to 9 am in Nassau, Owner is selling fresh bread to learn more call 1 800 801 5519
fp-345fedx - Net 422k Absentee $,1,695.000k Total$1695000$1695000$8119South of PhillyPennsylvaniaFedEx - P&D located South of PHI, 13 routes not gone thru ISP so revenue will go up $ current annual without peak and 10 % increase is $422K. This income will... View Details
rj-1233Plantain Snacks $59k total Net $26k part time$59000$59000$520St-IslandNew YorkProtected and exclusive Plantain snack route on Staten Island , limited work less than 2 days a week with the ability to service NJ and Brooklyn, Owner has 89 s... View Details
rj-0090Sara Lee - Bimbo net $53k only $99k total$99000$99000$1100QueensNew YorkWell established and protected Sara Lee route servicing 60 plus stops with many to add, this owner has limited driving the route is in Queens and the Sara Lee d... View Details
MM-555Pepperidge Farm Bread Route $339k total Net $93k Financing$339995$125000$1855Seaside areaNew JerseyWell established and protected Pepperidge Farm Bread Route on Jersey shore area comes with a 16 foot box truck to learn more Call Matt at 1 800 801 5519.
LMS-114Snack Route Net $75k+ $199k total$199995$1999995$1450NassauNew YorkWell established and protected snack route with 3 lines and huge upside servicing some mom and pop stores heavy chains and markets Sale includes a 2007 box tr... View Details
LMM-111UTZ snacks Net $98k Only $199k total Financing with $50k dow$199995$199000$1968MansfieldMassachusettsWell established and protected UTZ snack route in a great area with room to grow servicing mom and pop shops chains and markets financing from UTZ with good cre... View Details
LMS-111Juice Route Net $600 part time $89k total$89999$89000$600VillagesNew YorkWell established and Protected Orange Juice route servicing the Manhattan villages and more only 60 stops and 3.5 days huge growth potential comes with a 2004 r... View Details
ME-991Pappa Johns Pizza, $299k total REDUCED$299995$299995$2000Long IslandNew YorkNorth shore Nassau, Main road mall huge up side cash business seats 35 all new and ready to rock.$349k with 249k down or $299k cash FIRM!! - Don't blink or you'... View Details
JM-0919Smoothie shop , Net $60k $79k total$79000$45000$1201Seaford areaNew YorkWell established Smoothie shop on the main road owner retiring and has great location, Owner working on adding other products
MB-2271Car Wash & Property net $400k+ $3,395,k total$3395995$3395000$7800SuffolkNew YorkWell established car wash with property. This, brush less car wash is doing over $900,000 a year and comes with over an acre of property. to learn more call Mik... View Details
LMS-110Wise Net $1300+ Wk. only $199k total$199995$199000$1310BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected route Owner retiring after 35+ years Its mostly cash and you can expand the sales at a 30% or greater rate This is a great route... View Details
FP-6300Wholesale Good Humor Route net $78k only $99k total$99995$99995$1508Queens / BronxNew YorkWell established wholesale ice Cream route servicing around 175 stores with brands such as Perry’s, Good Humor, Breyers, Michochana,and more. Bronx pick up ve... View Details
JBE-102 Pepperidge Farm Snack Net 70k $389k total$389000$250000$1345Chandler areaArizonaWell established and protected Pepperidge Farms snack route territory, Work 4 days and under 40 hours a week. The, truck is included to learn more call 1 800 8... View Details
me-454fedx Line haul net $87k + only @229k total$229000$229000$1691Binghamton areaNew YorkWell established and protected line haul routes 2, 1 sleeper and 1 day cab he dies 2 early P&D's then go's on to Line haul runs All runs are considered local ru... View Details
mbe-910fedx Net $162k only $569k total ABSENTEE$569995$569995$3115BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected Fedex line haul runs from woodbridge to Brooklyn and PA owner runs 3 trucks absentee with a full crew and he has 2 back up trucks... View Details
MB-180UTZ Snack Net $60k in 3 days $99k Total$99995$99995$1200Norwood Hyde PkMassachusettsWell established and protected UTZ route owner works 27 hours a week this route can be done in 3 days, A new owner can add many stops and work full time. You w... View Details
JA-121Car Wash Net $265k Ask $1,100,000 Financing with $600k down!$1100000$600000$5100SuffolkNew YorkWell established and clean Car Wash, with 20+ years remaining on lease large tunnel and big property, Great deal for right person many extras and perks, To lea... View Details
jpm-102Snyders route Net $1510wk $249k total Only $89k down$259995$89000$1510Shelton areaConnecticutWell established and protected Snyder's-Lance Cape Cod Chip Route Weekly average is 8929.00, an 2005 Chevy 15 ft box truck, computer and printer. call Pat @ 1 ... View Details
MMB-201TasteKake Net $70k only $169k - with 59k down$169995$59995$1415Mercersberg areaPennsylvaniaWell established and protected TastyKake route, company financing with $59k down comes with a 2006 F-350 box truck only 50 stops but their great grossing 440k a... View Details
MM-8919Wholesale Warehouse Net's 800k - 3.3 Million total$3295000$2695000$15385BrooklynNew YorkWholesale warehouse thats selling wholesale cigarettes, Fiji, Gatorade, sundries and much more. The warehouse size is about 5,000sqft. This business has huge g... View Details
JM-1010Mission Route Net $52k only $169k Total$169000$99000$1000NassauNew YorkWell established and protected franchise Mission route Currently averaging 6000 per week. Bay shore. warehouse,. 10 stops Costco, bjs. Walmart target fine fare ... View Details
RJ-1010Pepperidge Farm bread route $459k$459995$459995$22225Queens Brooklyn New YorkWell established and protected number 1 bread franchise route selling over $12,500 a week to. Half chain, half cash. Very high traffic areas. .Route includes 2... View Details
JS-111Simply Orange Net $1.000 wk. only $99995 Total$99995$99995$900BronxNew YorkWell established and protected Simply route selling 375 cases a week in 2 and a half days. Comes with a 2006 Isuzu refer truck. Bronx pick up call 1 800 956 72... View Details
MM-155Wise Net $3k wk as owner/op $249k total - SOLD$249995$249995$3000BronxNew YorkWell established and protected wise route in the Bronx, Owner working 4 days a week 10 hours a day with helper and makes 2500. As an owner operator you can make... View Details
SFC-101Fedex HD Net $369k only $989k ABSENTEE$989995$989995$7075MiamiFloridaWell established and secure, Fedex fleet with 5 PSA & 2 supplemental 9 trucks making for easier expansion by just filling the trucks up that you already own. T... View Details
jbi-125Snapple Net $162k only $389k down and $689k total$689000$389000$3200ManhattenNew YorkWe have other Snapple routes, Well established and protected Snapple route in Manhatten selling over 115,000 cases of snapple produsts. Owner retiring after 25 ... View Details
RJ-0907Ice Cream Truck - Elvis format $89k$89000$89000$1000njNew JerseyThis is an Elvis, ice cream truck with all the bells and whistles owner will train
JBI-10Fedex Line hauls net $170k - $589k total Absentee$589995$589995$3269WoodbridgeNew JerseyWell established and protected Fedx line haul routes, 5 trucks 2 assigned and 1 un assigned with 2 spare trucks allowing a new operator the vehicles to grow and... View Details
HL-123Snapple Route Net $250k only $939k total$939995$689000$4807ManhattanNew YorkWell established and Protected Snapple Route one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods owner runs 2 trucks with 5 employees and 2 trucks to sell around 150,000 ... View Details
ME-091Bread Over Night Net $60k -$99k total$99000$99000$1200North westNew JerseyBread around 29 stops 6 days a week call 1 800 801 5519 ask for Rob Kushner he has a few options,
JM-901Bread Nights 5 days Net $58k Only $105k$105995$109995$1101Bergan areaNew JerseyWell established and protected Anthony & Sons Bakery route This is an easy route 30 hours in 5 days NJ deliveries and NJ pick up, Comes with a Ford Step Van, ... View Details
mm-124Wise Snacks Net $47k - 2 day route 4 days only $89k$89000$89000$912ManhattanNew YorkWell established and protected Wise Route, with over 40 accounts and growing.Manhattan route with mostly cash stops to learn more call 1 800 801 5519 ask for Ma... View Details
mm-853Herrs Snacks - Net $1,100 wk only $84,900 $85000$334556$1100WestchesterNew YorkHerr's Potato Chip Snack Route Nets $55,000 grow as big as you like no restrictions on open accounts, an aggressive person can add 200 accounts the company will... View Details
CM-102Mobile Home RV Park $595k total$595000$595000$0Bismark areaNorth DakotaEstablished MHP, 45 sites with possible expansion. There are 25 rv sites and 20 mobile home lots. Also included is a 4-2 single family basement home with two ca... View Details
HL-110 Wholesale $19k down $59k total EXCLUSIVE with good credit$59995$19995$1000Suffolk countyNew YorkWholesale territories, exclusive, protected products. This offering includes 25 stops, a 2017 branded sprinter type vehicle, inventory Jugs and displays. Visit ... View Details
RJ-00111Ice Cream Parlor on Wheels for sale - $89000 $89000$89000$1QueensNew YorkThis fabulous state of the art "Ice Cream Parlor on Wheels" works only Fairs, Festivals, Concerts etc. offering Soft IceCream,Shakes,Sundaes, Floats. Banana Spl... View Details
MM-156Pepperidge Farm Cookie Route$329500$250000$1700brooklynNew YorkGreat route located in a nice area. Current owner works abut 25 hours a week total, 4 days a week, Great growth potential, many stops not being serviced. A new ... View Details
MM-157Pepperidge Farm Bread Route 329k$329500$90000$1825South JerseyNew Jersey2 Pepperidge Farm Bread Routes currently available. Premium Bread Distributor. Distribute Pepperidge Farm Bread to accounts in a defined territory. Rare opportu... View Details
MM-158Pepperidge Farm Bread Route 359k$359500$95000$1950South JerseyNew Jersey2 Pepperidge Farm Bread Routes currently available. Premium Bread Distributor. Distribute Pepperidge Farm Bread to accounts in a defined territory. Rare opportu... View Details
RJ-4512Herr's Snacks Net $53k in 4 days $59k total$59995$59995$1001Astoria areaNew YorkWell established and protected Herr's route, The owner is servicing a large area with huge growth. GREAT Queens area, Possible financing with good credit and $2... View Details
mmk-112Restaurant WATERFRONT $695k - MUST SEE$695000$695000$0Elizabeth CityNorth CarolinaWell established and beautifully set waterfront restaurant, This is a LANMARK spot in a great Elizabeth City, It has 220 indoor and out door seating permits wha... View Details
jm-333Dairy Route net $200k only $289k total$289000$189995$3869Long IslandNew YorkWell established 25 years selling dairies like eggs , cheese and some deli meats to 30 accounts on long island.for breakfast and lunch products, Owner is retiri... View Details
SK-101Pizza Shop, Busy Mall - Net $125k+ only $179k Total$179995$179995$2250HewletNew YorkWell established LANDMARK pizza shop, high visibility heavy foot traffic in front of a nice enticing store.. This store has great reviews from critics if you wa... View Details
MM-159Arnold route Net 70k in 25 hours week, $199k total financing$199500$100000$1350Hudson CountyNew JerseyWell established and protected Arnold Bread Route, Its compact 9 account route, all stops located within 2 mile radius. Cash accounts and major chain accounts. ... View Details
MM-160Arnold bread route Net 60k - 70k down financing$165995$70000$1153Eastern SuffolkNew YorkWell established and protected franchise route. Owner is servicing Eastern Long Island. The route grosses $6,800 a week in sales. Net yourself around $1,150 a w... View Details
MM-161Pepperidge farm bread route Net 78k$299500$90000$1500Eastern SuffolkNew YorkWell established and protected franchise route. Pepperidge Farm bread servicing Eastern Suffolk long island. Owner is averaging around $8500 per week, working o... View Details
JL-110pepperidge Farm Cookie route Net $80k only $329k total$329000$200000$80000Ridley Park AreaPennsylvaniaWell established and protected Pepperidge farm snack route. Pep Farm snacks route are considered by many to be the best in the route business. On average, I wo... View Details
JBI-124Snapple Net $160k only $239k down on $499k total$499995$239$3100BrooklynNew YorkWe have other Snapple routes - Well established and protected route selling over 82,000 cases of Snapple products in a GREAT growing Brooklyn area, Comes with a... View Details
JBI-123fedex 2 routes Net $162k only $479k total$479000$469000$3134DaytonNew JerseyWe have many more Fedex, Great opportunity to buy 2 well establishes fedex with one run is to Hartford CT.. To learn more call Mike @ 1 800 801 5519 to see hund... View Details
LM215Mr. Softte $89k net 45k for summer work $89000$89000$800Bethpage areaNew YorkWell established Mister softte franchise route for sale with truck A good business for family, .truck just painted all fixed up and ready for new session .pos... View Details
LMS-011 UTZ Net 68k only $189k$189995$189995$1390NorwalkConnecticutWell established and protected route in a great area servicing around 25 stops half markets route comes with a late model truck and huge growth potential, doin... View Details
FCJ-70fedx Fleet, Net $230k only $695k total$695995$695995$4425West Palm Beach AreaFloridaWell establishes and exclusive fed ex out of: West Palm Beach FL it has 5 PSA & 2 Supplements 2019 until ISP compliant, HAs 8 trucks 4 are paid off and 4 have... View Details
me-321Pepperage Snack Net $130k only $195k down with good credit$695000$195000$2511ManharttanNew YorkWell established and protected route,doing 12.3oo wk.. The owner operator is servicing 100+ accounts there are others to get too. You need 25% down and god cred... View Details
MM-190Bimbo Bakeries Route - Net 73k / 73k down$183500$73000$1400Bergen County New JerseyThis Bimbo route is well established and protected in an area with huge growth potential. The 52 week gross average is around $9,100, netting $1,400. Comes with... View Details
MB-202Wise chip route net 47k work 3-4 days week$64995$64995$900Sullivan countyNew YorkEstablished and well protected wise chip route. Gross sales a week are around $6,000. The net is $900 a week after all expenses. The route comes with a 2007 Che... View Details
ndk-124Processing Net $255k only $929k or can buy 1/2 $929000$929000$4897NYNew YorkBusiness Summary: Well established LEGAL processing company, owner wants a partner for $495k to make 125k for 1/2 as managing partner. This is a HUGE growth op... View Details
JL-109Arnold Bread Route $189k Net $85k financing possible$189995$89995$1637Red Bank AreNew JerseyWell established and protected territory Service 6 major accounts in in the surrounding area. The sales territory is protected to buyer where no one else can d... View Details
JL-108Snyder's route Net $131k - $299k total only $75k down$299995$159995$2510Damascus areaMarylandWell established and protected Snyder's/Lance route ! Here's your chance to own a business with a large territory with lots of growth potential. Snyder's routes... View Details
MMB-901liquor store Net $52k - $239k total included 100k Inventory$239000$239000$1000TappenNew YorkWell established and well known local landmark liquor store in the heart of Tappen. The price includes inventory and fixtures. Inventory of $100k to learn more... View Details
ME-1011Wholesale Bread Net $115k only $149k totalSali$149995$149995$2200UnionNew JerseyWell established bread route with Union NJ pick up and NYC delivery servicing 8 accounts with a 20123 truck. The route takes 7 hours a day 7 days a week netting... View Details
HR-101Wholesale Territories $19k down $59k total EXCLUSIVE with go$59995$19995$1000NassauNew YorkWholesale territories, exclusive, protected products. This offering includes 25 stops, a 2017 branded sprinter type vehicle, inventory Jugs and displays. Visit ... View Details
ME-1010Salitos Bread Route Net $130k only $169k total$169995$169995$2500UnionNew JerseyWell established bread route with Union NJ pick up and NYC delivery servicing 9 accounts with a 2013 truck. The route takes 7 hours a day 7 days a week netting ... View Details
JME-101Wise route Net $130k work 4 days - $279kTotal$279995$279995$2520BrooklynNew YorkWell established and proteced Wise chip route - This route is runs 4 days. Gross sales are over $14,000, it delivers only to supermarkets and c-store gas stati... View Details
JM-0612Warehouse Net $100k - 100k total$100000$100000$2000North CarolinaNorth CarolinaWell established company is making many protected products available to distributors to supply. Bars, Restaurants, markets, Mom & Pop shops & other locations wi... View Details
JM-6014Supplier net $100k only $100k total$100000$100000$2000New MexicoNew MexicoWell established company is making many protected products available to distributors to supply. Bars, Restaurants, markets, Mom & Pop shops & other locations wi... View Details
JL-107Bread Route -- Flowers - $269k Total - Net $142k$269000$139000$2750Goose Creek areaSouth CarolinaWell established and protected flowers bread route in a great growing area comes with a 2007 22 foot box truck no CDL needed there are around 13 accounts compan... View Details
JL-105Pepperidge farm route - $199k total - Net $73k$199995$59995$1414pensacolaFloridawell established and protected Pepperidge farm cookies and cracker franchise route in Pensacola area 5 days a week NO Weekends to learn more call 1 800 801 5519... View Details
JL-106Mission Route Net $55k only $69k total financing available$69000$69000$1010Clinton areaSouth CarolinaWell established and protected area there is HUGE growth for a person who wants to make 100k it's here only servicing 17 accounts and there are many more call 1... View Details
MB-228Wise Chip Route-Net 70k 3.5 days wk - PRICE REDUCED!$159995$59995$1300BrooklynNew YorkWell established owner retiring after 35 years. All cash accounts, route runs 3 1/2 days. The average weekly sales are $8,000. Monthly expenses consist of wareh... View Details
jm-234Dietz & Watson net $137k - 3 days $289k total$289995$189995$2634Long IslandNew YorkWell established and protected provisions route Dietz and Watson as seen in BJ's this billion dollar plus volume national provisions route is available owner is... View Details
mmm-122Tropicana Net $130k only $349k runs 4 days a week$349000$299000$2500Jersey city areaNew JerseyWell established and protected Tropicana route in the Jersey city area. Owner has 95 stops in this all COD business. Its easily expandable call 1 800 801 5519 f... View Details
MB-166Organic Bread Route Net 72k$159500$95000$1350NYCNew YorkWell Known hard to find Exclusive Name Brand Organic Bread Route. Independently Owned & Operated in the NYC Area. 90% Cash business. Route operating in 2-4 days... View Details
MM-167Overnight Bread Route Net 40k$49500$35000$750NorthernNew JerseyOvernight bread route, runs 6 days a week, make $750 net per week. Comes with a Ford connect truck. Amazing growth potential!
JL-104General Merchandise Route $39k total net $18k$39995$39995$600MobileAlabamaWell established General Merchandise in (Mobile) Requires approximately 2 days per week. Equates to well over $25/hr under current conditions. You service acco... View Details
trs-109Snack/Bev. Route Net $53k in 3 days, $39k down$59995$39995$1018BronxNew YorkWell established and protected snack route, Sell exclusive brands from a almost new vehicle to a wide range of accounts. All products are protected brands. Wor... View Details
MB-169UTZ Potato Chip Route Net 68k$109500$59000$1300NYC areaNew YorkManhatten UTZ route, Includes truck and computer. Superior Manhattan territory, convenient Brooklyn Warehouse. Route brings in 7k/week 20% to owner. Owner is w... View Details
MB-170Thomas/Arnold Bread Route Net 90k$224500$125000$1750South EastNew JerseyThomas/ Arnold/ Nature's Harvest Bread Route for sale the weekly average just over $10,000. Stops Include Ventnor Acme (previously Pathmark), Somers Point Acme,... View Details
MB-171Pepperidge Farm Bread Route Net 65k$199500$99000$1250Norwalk areaConnecticutThis is a great route, makes 22% on cash accounts with 8 total stops. The largest stop is Costco and Stop and Shop. The route runs 5 hours a day, 5 days a week... View Details
MB-172Snyders Route Net 70k$275000$85000$1500Ocean CountyNew JerseySnyders/ lance route, the weekly average gross sales are 8,586. Large territory with big accounts and unlimited growth potential. The price includes a 2004 E3... View Details
MB-173Mission route Net 108k as owner/opp$295995$295995$2000Nassau CountyNew YorkWell established and protected route with unlimited growth potential.! This route averages $10,000 week, and nets around $2,000. This route can be run several ... View Details
MM-174Dry Cleaning and Laundry business Net 2k week w/ poperty!$499500$149500$1PittsburghPennsylvaniaDry cleaning business and plant. Business established in 1956, plant is 8,000 square foot with two dry cleaning machines. Pickup/delivery route, commercial acco... View Details
SM-125Gift shop w/ 250k in inventory$299500$299500$2000Nassau CountyNew YorkGift shop in a nice area of Nassau, comes with 250k in inventory. Great opportunity!
ME-336Dry Cleaner Net $100k $575000$375000$100000PittsburghPennsylvaniaWell established dry cleaners over 60 years in business. includes a 2 story building about 16,000 sq foot building where store is located, in store front also a... View Details
MM-0135Flowers Bread Net $101k - $249k total - SOLD$249000$149000$2050MiamiFloridaWell established and protected Flowers Bread Route Netting $101k . Great easy route with only 11 stops. Owner works 5 days early morning from 2;30 am to 10 AM t... View Details
MME-119UTZ Snacks, Net $1575wk 18 hrs 3 day week$129000$129000$1575North ManhattanNew YorkWell established and protected route , bronx pick up selling around 9k a week in gross sales around 45 stops working @ 20% great opportunity to make full time ... View Details
MME-120UTZ Chips 3 days net $1k $119k total$119000$119000$1000West Chester areaNew YorkWell established and protected route in a nice area owner works 18 hours a week in 3 days of 5 hours his is a great opportunity to buy an expandable route. to l... View Details
MME-121UTZ - Net $90k Absentee$239000$239000$1738westchesterNew YorkWell established and protected large area can be run 6 days with 2 / 3 days drivers or an owner can work with a helper and make 110k a year this is being run 3... View Details
SK-124Pizza $75k total make offer - Location - Location - Location$75000$75000$0Lynbrook AreaNew YorkThis is a well established location by a school that does a heavy lunch needs an operator to build back the night trade with deliveries and take out. Was open 6... View Details
MM-175Flowers Bread Route Net 105k$249500$169500$2100Fort MyersFloridaWell established and protected route, Netting 105k + to owner (After Expenses). Owner is ready to retire after owning the route 12+ years, Route is located very... View Details
mmk-113Gas Sta with Laundry $175k total$175000$175000$0Chancellorsville North CarolinaWell established operation with a Gas station, convenience store and laundromat that included the property that was assessed at $325k call 1 800 801 5519 and a... View Details
MMK-111Pizza Net $60k - $95k total$95000$95000$1200StorrsConnecticutWell established and well known Pizza shop, great location, Nice place to learn more call 1 800 801 5519 ask for Mike K
MB-176Bimbo / Arnold / Sara Lee Bread Route Net $1,800+$165000$49000$1820CentralFloridaWell established and Protected bread route. This route is grossing around $10,000+ weekly at 20% commission. Taking home over $1,800 a week after all expenses. ... View Details
RJ-6070Wise Route Queens Net $57k Onlt $99k Total$79995$79995$1126QueensNew YorkWell established and protected Wide snack route owner moving on, Great for someone who wants to build this up and make 100k because it's easy to add stops Call ... View Details
MB-177Snyders Lance route Net $2,900 week$399500$250000$2900Western Washington CountyRhode IslandWell established and protected Snyders route. The 52 week gross average is around $16,600, your take home is around $2,900 net. This route is a money maker! Won... View Details
MB-178Snyders Lance route Net $219995$95000$1700EasternMassachusettsWell established and protected Synders Lance route. Gross sales are $10,000+ a week, the net to you after expenses is around $1,700. If you would like additiona... View Details
mbe-909fedx Line Haul Net $162k Only $569k total$569995$569995$3115WoodbridgeNew JerseyWell established and protected Fedex line haul runs from woodbridge to Brooklyn and PA owner runs 3 trucks absentee with a full crew and he has 2 back up trucks... View Details
fp-111fedx net $130k only $349k Total $349000$349000$2503Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaWell established and protected line hauls - 2 night runs comes with 2 trucks and the drivers all vehicles well maintained and room to grow. Call Frank @ 1 800 8... View Details
ME-990fedx - home/ ground delivery Net $350k $1.399k total$1399000$13999000$6731ManhattanNew YorkWell established and protected Fedex home / ground delivery fleet of 10 trucks fully manned that is grossing around $1.2 million. a year. To see other routes an... View Details
ME-867fedx HD, Net $250k - Total 1.295,000$1295000$1295000$4808ManhattanNew YorkWell established and protected Fedex fleet with 4 routes and 4 trucks. Routes pull from Elmsford to learn more about this route call Mike Barry @ 1 800 801 551... View Details
mb-0901Martins Potato Bread net $35k - 2 days $69k total financing$69999$69999$700Smithfield AreaConnecticutWell established and protected Martins route its one of the highest percentage routes out here. servicing 19 stops and plenty to add, This needs a new owner to... View Details
MB-0201Marlo candy $79k total Net 40k+ in 24 hours a Wk.$79000$79000$801BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected local Marlow candy and nuts route' includes stops and mini van work 24 hours huge expansion potential to learn more about this ... View Details
lme-111Sports Bar & Restaurant For Sale or Lease (Barnesville, MN) $50000$50000$0BarnesvilleMinnesotaSports Bar is available for a 5 year lease for Key Money. If you are interested in purchasing the business call. It includes a large one bedroom apartment in th... View Details
MMK-210Landscaping Business - Compact Route Net 60k Ask 85k$85000$65000$1150Western Suffolk`New YorkThis route has 60 loyal accounts in a compact area. These accounts can be done in only 2 days. Don't miss out!
mmk-212Car Wash$789000$789000$5770Western NassauNew YorkWell established and renovated Car Wash with a huge exclusive detail account base doing over 400k a year co compliment his overall business. Go to www.theroutes... View Details
mmk-213Car Wash Absentee $799k Nets 150k $799995$499000$3100Suffolk / South shoreNew YorkWell Established and prime sopt - Landmark location with large property. You can add a convienance store and detail center. Owner runs this business ABSENTEE an... View Details
MMB - 88Martins bread route - Net 40k only $49k total$49995$49995$800Worcester CountyMassachusettsWell established and protected Martin's bread route. Grossing between 3 and 4k a week weekly at 24%. HUGE growth with GREAT product. $49k firm is cash price or... View Details
jmm-111Pepsi Net $311k only $399k down $899k total Financing$899995$399000$5981Suffolk countyNew YorkWell established and protected Pepsi route, comes with over 200 accounts 12 markets and 3 trucks that are selling over 275,000 cases. A huge exclusive area and ... View Details
JMM-123Provisions route net $4,135k week only $489k cash$489995$389995$4135Long IslandNew YorkWell established and protected billion dollar plus in sales national brand provisions route and other items servicing Long Island for 25+ years. Route comes wi... View Details
MKB-111Big Geyser Net $235k - only $549k Total$549000$549000$4519QueensNew YorkWell established and protected route with many huge accounts selling over 200,000 cases to Jetro, Rest depot, 3 Stop & Shops, 2 Targets - 2 BJ's and several mor... View Details
MMB-456Arnold Bread Net $70k only $169k - Financing available$169000$69000$1350Sebring areaFloridaWell established and protected Arnold bread route servicing chains and other local accounts great opportunity to learn more call 1 800 801 5519 Ask for Mike Ba... View Details
mmb-457Arnold Bread - Net $70k $169k total - Financing$169995$69000$1350Avon PkFloridaWell established and protected Arnold bread route servicing major chains and other stops route comes with a truck and company financing, Call 1 800 801 5519 to ... View Details
FP-999Bread Route 9pm Net $58k+ only $79k Total$79999$79999$1111Northern NJNew JerseyWell established and protected over night bread route in northern NJ, Rute comes with a 2002 ford e150 , This is 7 days a week buy there is a driver available... View Details
ME-999Liquor store $389000$189000$2300Shirley areaNew YorkEstablished Liquor store included in the sale price is 50k for additional inventory. The owner is providing 50k in inventory. You can get into this store for o... View Details
MM-193UTZ / BACHMAN / GOODHEALTH Route Net 60k$95000$95000$1150North NYCNew YorkWell established and protected Utz / Bachman / Good Health route for sale. Services around 10 stops a day 5 days a week. The 52 week average is $7,000 and growi... View Details
RJ-201Giant Beverage Net $110k+ only $249k$249995$249995$2200Staten IslandNew YorkLong established and local Beverage wholesale route on Staten Island this route is a local ez money maker for more on this route call Rob @ 1 800 801 5519 ( ASK... View Details
RJ-221Herrs HOLD Net $100k+ only $199k total $199995$199995$2050Staten Island / BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected Herrs route with 90% drop and 10% pack out meaning high margin low work 2004 box truck , To get more information call 1 800 801 5... View Details
JM-90088Simply Route Net $800/ week in 1 day $79k total$79000$79000$800NYCNew YorkWell established and protected Simply route selling 250/275 cases a week working 1 day, truck included lots of room to grow to learn more call 1 800 801 5519 V... View Details
LM-401Anthony & Sons Bread NET $52k 1 day$149000$149000$1000Middlesex, AreaNew JerseyWell established and protected Anthony & Sons Bakery one of NJ's largest bakeries & distributors located in Denville, at an upscale and spacious facility! truc... View Details
lm-410Laundromatt / Dry Cleaner Net $100k only $379k total$379000$379000$1900northNew JerseyWell established Laundromat / Dry cleaners with over `100 machines all front loaders, Owner is retiring to learn more about this listing call Mike E @ 1 8090 8... View Details
lm-411Variety store / Gas sta $359k total Net $100k$359000$359000$2000roxburyMaineWell established land mark store, sells food, cooking to much to list PROPERTY included 1 acre with 1600 sq foot building with a basement and 2 bedroom owners ... View Details
lm-415Candy route Net $2500 wk Only 59k $59000$59000$900randolphMaineEstablished candy route this has unlimited potential servicing BJ's and other stops call Mike E @ 1 800 801 5519 to learn more
me-152Wise Snack Route Net $50k only $69k total - Financing with $$69995$29000$950MonticelloNew YorkWell established and protected Wise route in a great area around Monticello depot is close and there is room to grow, Comes with a 2007 box and 45 accounts and... View Details
fcr-700fedx Net - $364k - only $825k total$825000$625000$7000Dover areaNew JerseyWell established and protected fed ex fleet with 10 trucks worth over $300k and a full crew of employees. Owner nets over $364k! To learn more about this call F... View Details
lmn-423Vending Net $50k only $79k total$79995$79995$1000CummingIndianaWell established vending route with 19 locations with about 40 machines will train for 45 days after closing to learn more about this route call Mike E @ 1800 ... View Details
lm-425Mission Tortilla Net $70k only 129k total$129000$129000$1335S/CharlstonSouth CarolinaWell established and protected Mission route in a GREAT area with huge growth potential. Call 1 8090 801 5519 ask for Mike E this is a GREAT AREA!!!11
lm-426Vending Net $50k Only $69k total$69000$69000$1000CharlstonSouth CarolinaWell established vending route over 60 accounts with machines in every one comes with a box truck established over 10 years to learn more call Mike E @ 1 8009 8... View Details
lm-427Coin Laundry Net $68k only $189k total$189000$189000$1244Johnson cityTennesseeWell established and local landmark coin laundry retirement time make money and even more if you work the place doing around 8k a month reasonable rent and cost... View Details
lm-433ATM Net $75k only $119k$119000$119000$1400EasternNorth CarolinaWell established and secure ATM route with 25 ATM's money maker that is easily expandable call Mike E @ 1 8090 801 5519 to learn more on this listing
lme-500Bread route Net $1650 wk, $79k total work 3 days - SOLD$79995$79995$1650queensNew YorkWell established 3 day bread route netting around 90k servicing 13 accounts in queens Buyer need a Van, no van in sale. To learn more call 1 800 801 5519 ask ... View Details
lme-501Sara Lee/ Bimbo Route Net $62k onlt $99k total$99995$99995$1200Hanover areaMassachusettsWell established and protected Bimbo bakery route selling over 7k a week with room to grow great nice quiet and growing area to learn more call Mike E @ 1 800 8... View Details
lme-503Bon Appetit route Net $55k only $99k total$99995$99995$1160Raleigh areaNorth CarolinaWell established and protected Bon Appetit cake and muffin route servicing C stores and other accounts route shows 9% growth and company performance bonuses to ... View Details
lmk-504Mission Foods Route Net $600 wk $29k total$29995$29995$600SarasotaFloridaEstablished and protected Central Sarasota Mission Foods Route servicing - 16 Grocery Accounts & 2 Cash Accounts- All Accounts Within A Eight Mile - Training ... View Details
lmk-505Martins Route Net $50k only $69k total financing available$69000$35000$1000pawtucket / SmithfieldRhode IslandWell established and protected Martins bread route in a great area with a 2006 box truck company nitration to learn more about this route call Mike K @ 1 800 8... View Details
lmk-506Trucking company 18 Wheeler - $169000 $169995$169995$1400miltonFloridaWell established 18 wheeler trucking company great opportunity for the right people Company has great relationships with various Freight Brokers around the Unit... View Details
lmk-507Coin Laundry $699k $699000$699000$0st steven areaSouth CarolinaWell established laundry Super clean 7538 square ft. store open since 2006 cal MIke K for more @ 1 800 801 5519
lmk-509Utz Route. Ne. $90K - Asking $179,999K$179995$90000$1731Morris county areaNew JerseyWell established and protected UTz route ccounts included are (2) large Shop \ites, Stop n Shop, Wal-Mart, Acme, (3) Kings Super Markets, (3) CVS's, Target, Dol... View Details
lmk-510Produce route Net $125k - $119k total $119995$119995$125000Wayne areaNew JerseyWell established 20 year old wholesale produce route for sale work 6 hour days and nets 25% of 500k gross to learn more call 1 800 801 5519 ask for Mike K
lmk-511Golf drivng range & property $2,995 mil$2995000$2995000$0NorthernNew JerseyWell established ;land mark Golf- Batting Cages - memberships Practice Center: GOLF Ranked "Top 100 Golf Range this is a full recreational enjoymeny center-9 ... View Details
lmk-512Flowers Bread Route Net $105k only $279k total$279000$279000$2500Fayetvill areaNorth Carolinawell established and protected Flowers bread route servicing 30 stops with a Isuzu box truck, 60,000 miles, clean title company will finance 90k to learn more c... View Details
lmk-600Laundromat Net $65k 0nly $99k tatal$99995$99995$65000Deer Pk. AreaNew YorkWell established laundromat owner has 2 needs to focus on one, store grossing over $125k to learn m,ore call Mike K at 1 800 801 5519 to see other businesses fo... View Details
lmk-700Arnold Bread Route Met $90k only $199k total financing$199999$49999$1731New Bern AreaMaineWell established and protected Arnold bread route can buy with good credit and 50k down with company financing call 1 800 801 5519 to learn more ask for Mike K... View Details
lmk-540Laundromatt Net $55k only $149k total$149995$149995$1100Suffolk countyNew YorkWell established laundromat on main road with 100 car parking and around 40 well kept machines comes with a delivery van aggressive new owner can do a great job... View Details
lmk-541Lunch Truck Route net 60k only $59k total$59000$59000$1200NewarkNew JerseyWell established catering lunch truck with 10 great stops all cash business servicing same accounts for 30 years call Mike K for more info @ 1 800 801 5519 visi... View Details
rj-103Simply Orange route ESTABLISHED - 2 days - Net $700 only $69$69995$69995$710NYCNew Yorksiness Summary: Well Established and protected Simply Orange Juice line with 61 stops located on the Lower East Side or Manhattan. An aggressive owner operator... View Details
MME-189Herr's Net $45k 3/4 days only $79k total $79000$79995$970BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected Herr's snack route work 3/4 days a week comes with E 450 17 foot box truck with low miles. Servicing around 60 accounts in Brook... View Details
MBE-900Pizza Net $75k only %149k total$149995$149995$1500Woodbury areaNew YorkWell established and landmark local Pizza shop located in a mall, Owner wants to retire he has a full cfrew, he delivers and caters. An owner can build the cart... View Details
me-452fedx Net $82k only $229k$229000$229000$1577BinghamtonNew YorkWell established and protected dedicated line hauls (2) Syracuse ny and E/Harrisberg PA comes with 2 / 2007 trucks and $300k in gross. this is a great opportuni... View Details
TRS-990Snapple Net $130k only $369k Illness forces sale$369995$369995$2500Bronx borderNew YorkWell established and protected route selling around 60,000 cases. The route is being maintained after the owner faced health issues. The new owner can really sc... View Details
JE-101Wholesale / Retail Bakery $239k - Net $55k$239995$239995$1100HoustonTennesseeWell established and landmark wholesale bakery that also has a retail business doing over $16k a month. There is a potential to increase sales dramatically but ... View Details
JE-102Maaco Auto Painting Franchise $389k Net $135k+$389995$389995$2600NorthNew JerseyWell established and protected Franchise with over 1 million dollars in sales, Located on one of the busiest roads in NJ , Newly renovated 12,000 sqft buildin... View Details
JE-104Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Shop - $179k Net $89k$179995$179995$1733San AntonioTexasWell established turn Key Self Service Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream shop all equipment and furniture included. Buyer to assume last year of lease and landlord wi... View Details
Je-103Laundromatt Net $110k only $339k$339995$339995$111000Sioux City, areaIowaWell established Laundromat for sale in Sioux City area in , Iowa Built in 1928 Loads of new equipment, 2200 sq. ft. comes with all Amenities to draw people i... View Details
je-105Midas Muffler Franchise - Net $90k only $575k$575000$575000$1768Munsey New YorkWell established FRANCHISE store, A unique opportunity! Lucrative turn-key business in high traffic area. This Franchise services between 400 to 700 vehicles a ... View Details
JE-106Car Wash Net $100k only $495k with land$495000$495000$2450Close to SorentoMIke E listingWell established landmark Car Wash . The wash was built in 2008 and has been very well maintained. In Excellent Condition. three Self Serve Bays and one Touch ... View Details
je-108Liquor Store - Package Store Total $79k + some Inventory$79000$79000$678Grelot AreaAlabamaEstablished package store - Great location on the corner of busy road no direct competitors for 5 miles in any direction. Built from the ground up, we have seen... View Details
JE-110Pizzza Shop W/ Real Estate - $849k Net $130k$849000$599000$2500Glen sidePennsylvaniaWell established High Volume Pizzza Shop W/ Real Estate - Take out and delivery pizza shop grossing 17k per week. The building is 1000 sq ft. for the business ... View Details
lmm--010Restaurant $99k total net 50k$99995$50000$1000BerganNew JerseyWell established 10 years has an excellent Location, Store is 1600 SQ and in a very busy area in Bergen County, NJ., Very reputable and excellent history Little... View Details
JM-111Subway Absentee Net $40k - $79k down$119995$89995$811NorthernNew JerseyWell established , protected landmark SUBWAY.: Great opportunity to reasonably own one of the USA's most successful franchises. This restaurant is located centr... View Details
JM-1121Cold Stone Creamery $49k total$49995$49995$500HoustonTexasWell established and protected cold stone creamery opened in 2012 owner must sell . All equipment in place and for someone to want to build a business.
JM-2211The Franchise Yogurt $169k total Net 75k$169995$169995$1400NassauNew YorkWell established FRANCHISE. This Nationally known self-serve yogurt shop is nestled in walking distance of a lovely neighborhood and growing community. The shop... View Details
JM-22110Wholesale Bread Net $38k only $79k total$79000$49000$712Essex areaNew JerseyBusiness Description Well established 30-year-old Bread Route servicing Essex and Bergen County Locations. Seller will stay to train. This is a 1 man operation... View Details
cm-103SEPTIC PUMPING AND SERVICE$495000$495000$0Mammoth areaNew JerseyWell established and steady , Fully operational and easy to run owner retiring. Great opportunity comes with hguge client list and all equipment and 2 waste rem... View Details
cm-101Pizzeria/Restorante- $469000$469995$469995$2000SouthNew JerseyWell established and landmark Pizzeria/restaurant, located in a busy strip mall. Turn-Key business the door and start right up. Minutes from Long Beach I... View Details
cm-1011HVAC business Net $200k only $389k total$389000$250000$3846SouthNew JerseyWell established ( over 40 years ), and well known AC repair company servicing all south Jersey. Owner retiring and currently spends about one half of his time ... View Details
cm-1111Two stores Convenient & Liquor Store $399k$399995$399995$1500SanantonioTexasWell Established Convenience & Liquor Store. This well established and profitable convenience and attached liquor store is strategically located on a busy comm... View Details
cm-444Pizza Gross $1.3 million only $599k$599995$400000$4000Mammoth countyNew JerseyWell established landmark PIZZERIA, great traffic and huge grossing over $1.3 million - GREAT DOWNTOWN LOCATION, SUPER CLEAN RESTAURANT SPACE, 3,600 SF, 100 SE... View Details
RS-101Pepperidge Farm Cookie Net $80k - $328k total$329000$329000$1615Ridley pk. areaPennsylvaniaWell established and protected cookie route that runs 4 days a week in a great area Qualified candidates need a good credit score, debt to income ratio and must... View Details
TR-102Snyder's-Lance route Net $90k 0nly $269k Total$269000$50000$1731HartfordConnecticutWell established Snyder's-Lance route for sale in territory with huge potential for growth. This route currently services seven large accounts included in sale ... View Details
rs-103Entenmanns cookie & Bread Route $189k Total$189995$189995$1700Near catskills New YorkWell established and protected Freihofer, Thomas, Arnold, Entenmanns, and Sara Lee route, The. 52 week average is $10k a week, you gross 18 percent of that. ... View Details
rs-104Sara Lee / Arnold bread route. - $249k total - Net $90k$249995$75000$1710University areaNorth CarolinaWell established and protected Arnold bread route. Distribute Arnold bread, Thomas English Muffins and Bagels , Entenmann cakes,and Sara Lee Breads. . Route inc... View Details
rs-105Bimbo Bread/Cake Route $129k total Net $60k$129995$129995$1145WestchesterNew YorkWell established and protected , Bimbo Bakeries Variety route features the exclusive distribution rights for Freihofer Bread, Natures Harvest Bread, Sunmaid Rai... View Details
FP-019Bread Route Night, Net $97k only $195k Total$195000$195000$1855Queens / BrooklynNew YorkWell established over nigh bread route. Route, runs 6 days a week in Brooklyn And Queens, This route comes with a good delivery truck and full training. To lea... View Details
RS-00110Boars Head "SOLD"$1$750$5000Valley areaCaliforniaWell established and profitable brand with little competition comes with property and walk in to receive deliveries. The business has 3 trucks, all the equipme... View Details
ME-451fedx Line haul Net $142k only $349k total$349000$349000$2724PistonPennsylvaniaWell established and protected Fedex line haul routes (2), comes with 2 sleepers vehicles runs to CT and PA absentee owner retiring. To learn more call mike k @... View Details
rs-300Two Super Market Sushi Bars Net $74k only $139k$139995$139995$1425New Haven areaConnecticutWell established, Willing to Train the new owner. doing over $700k gross with 3 chefs , Very Busy in the Summer. Located next to the Beach and very nice neighb... View Details
rs-301Subway Sandwich shop Net $37k Only $59k total$59995$59995$600South HamptonPennsylvaniaWell established and protected Subway Sandwich Franchises Constructed from scratch for $200k, and all equipment is up-to-date to Subway standards spacious at ... View Details
RS-400Synder Chip Route - Net $98k+ only $225k$225000$75000$1890Hudson areaMassachusettsWell established and protected Snyders chip route, Grossing over $555k a year and netting over $98k. Need a box truck or price is 239k, Company financing with ... View Details
RS-401Snyders Route Net $97k only $239k$239000$100000$1900Worcester areaMassachusettsWell established and protected Snyders route netting around 100k , he route averages 10,330.....The route has 6 supermarkets and approximately 20 cash stores...... View Details
rs-403Snyders route Net $100k only $289k$289000$50000$2000Peabody AreaMassachusettsWell established and protected Snyders lance route for sale 11,600 weekly sales. Two stop and shops and two Crosby's. company financing and support to learn mor... View Details
rs-404Snyder's Chip route for sale - $199k$199995$50000$1400TampaFloridawell established and protected Snyder's-Lance Chip route Requires about $50k down with good credit. Currently generating an estimated $443kin yearly sales and... View Details
rs-406Mr Softte Net $55k++ Only $69k total$69995$69995$1100Centerport AreaNew YorkWell established and protected ice cream route franchise. It comes with a 1991 GMC P 3500 branded MISTER SOFTEE ICE CREAM TRUCK and ROUTE . Mister softer is in ... View Details
rs-406Bimbo Bread, Net 45k - Only $149k total$149995$50000$870SummersetNew HampshireWell established and protected Bimbo bread route. This is a bread franchise with Bimbo bakeries, the largest bread supplier in the nation. Part of the delivery ... View Details
MB-992Independent Market Net $155k only $479k total$479000$479000$3000PhillyPennsylvaniaWell established local supermarket doing around 1.2 million a year gross, There is an option to buy property $369k , Provided western union services with depart... View Details
mb-993Super Market W/Property Net $155k - $959k totya$959000$959000$3000PhillyPennsylvaniaWell established local supermarket doing around 1.2 million a year gross, There is an option to buy property $369k , Provided western union services with depart... View Details
FP-0111Bread Route"SOLD"!!!!!$199995$199995$1850Queens / NYC / BrooklynNew YorkWell established and protected over night bread route, work 3 days a week net $1800 delivering TouFayan bread Comes with a 2015 cargo van if you take over note... View Details
MB-0981fedx Line Haul - Net $282k Absentee $929k total$929999$929999$5423Binghamton / ScrantonNew YorkWell established and protected Fedex line haul delivery fleet of 10 trucks and 9 drivers doing around $18k a week. All the trucks are in excellent condition and... View Details
NDK-100Auto Parts Distributor net $125k - $289k total Includes inv$289000$289000$2385Happague areaNew YorkWell established auto parts warehouse, same owner for over 25 years retirement sale, Net includes all deductions including a driver and warehouse man owner put ... View Details
MJ-101Investor $100k educational App with huge potential$100000$100000$1NYC and metroNew YorkYoung IT genius, has a Internet educational application concept, This can be a huge revenue maker. This young man has something big. He has a developer willing ... View Details
lm-111Pizza Shop Net $100k only $179k total$179995$179995$2000Middlesex CountyNew JerseyWell established and known Pizza shop located in a very BUSY SHOPPING CENTER LOCAITON, great size at 2,400 SF, and 84 SEATS,Store is GROSSING 9K PER WEEK, PERF... View Details
RJF-102 fedx PD Net $101k only $289k total$289995$289995$1904QueensNew YorkWell established and protected Fedex 5 PD routes with 5 low millage trucks, They are working in great areas of the Queens. Owner is retiring, Routes are doing ... View Details
NDK-101Auto Supply Warehouse Net $125k only $199k$199000$129000$2391Happague areaNew YorkWell established auto parts warehouse, same owner for over 25 years retirement sale, Net includes all deductions including a driver and warehouse man owner put ... View Details
MMF-211Fed Ex Long hall net $200k Absentee $699k - MINT!$699999$699999$4000Loffy areaAlabamaWell established and protected Line Haul fleet with flexibility to maximize business with brand new truck leases making life a breeze with day & night runs that... View Details
NDK-123Ambullette & Livery Service Net $150k+ $595k total - Possibl$595000$595000$3000Long IslandNew YorkWell established Ambullette & Livery Service company servicing the island willing to take a partner to run this owner has other high gross business, Over 2 mil... View Details
jpm-104Entemans route Net $1825 wk. only $259k total$259000$259000$1825West Point areaNew YorkWell established and protected route with truck and handheld included part time only 26 hours a week very simple high volume route to learn more call 1 800 801 ... View Details
me-1011Tropicana net $127k - 4 days a week $409kTotal$409995$300000$2450ManhattanNew YorkWell Established and protected Tropicana route in Manhattan servicing around 65 stops selling around 1,000 cases a week. Route has a driver and helper driving a... View Details
jpm-108Martins Bread Net $195000$75000$1600New haven areaConnecticutWell established and protected Martins bread route -weekly sales average $7100 grossing $92000 yearly to learn more about this route call 1 800 01 5519 ask for ... View Details
jpm-1050Snyders route Net $60k Only $199k total$199995$100000$1200Newton areaNew JerseyWell established and protected Snyders pretzels Route! Company financing available. Currently grossing over $350k. Distributorship and "protected territory" cur... View Details
jmb-1122Snapple Net $190k only $539k Wont last$539995$539995$3654West chester areaNew YorkWell established and protected Snapple route selling around 100,000 cases of Snapple products An owner operator can make around $190k working 5 days. To learn m... View Details
Rj-0009Bread Net Net $66k in 29 hours a wk over night $79k total$79995$79995$1269BrooklynNew YorkWell established over night bread route, Service 15 accounts in 4 hours a night EZ money, Comes with training, full company support and a reliable van. Call 1 8... View Details
MBE-1011Bagel store High gross net $170k only $399k total with $299k$399995$299000$3231RichmondNew YorkWell established and desirable landmark Bagel Store with a very solid sales volume of $1,150,000. The owner makes a great living and its available because of h... View Details
JPM-1101Utz Route Net $72k only $95k total work 3.5 days$95995$95995$1385Manhattan New YorkWell established and protected Utz route work 3 days NYC and a day in Bronx. Work 3.5 to 4 days 8 hours a day or less..Volume is around 9k a week. It can do muc... View Details
JPL-1102Mr Softee Route Net $60k Only 60k total$60000$60000$1150Huntington areraNew YorkWell established and protected number one street ice cream in the world Mr. Softee Franchise where you can make 60k working 6 months a year, Great income for di... View Details
JPM-1106Coffee Truck Route Net $50k only $49k total$49000$49000$900Clear water areaFloridaEstablished coffee catering truck with a low mileage 2011 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck and body with steam table, grill, 2 ovens and coffee maker, stops and all needed... View Details
JPM-1107UTZ Snacks Net $50k work 3 days a week $119k total financing$119000$119000$960Port Chester areaNew YorkWell established and protected 3 day UTZ snack route comes with truck, Work part time and make full time money to learn more about this call Patty @ 1 800 801 ... View Details
FCR-007fedx/G - Net $728k / ONLY $1,500 mil total$1500000$1500000$14000Wayne areaNew JerseyWell Established and protected FedEx Ground fleet with 11 routes. All routes ISP Compliant, condensed routes, great neighborhoods, Priced to sell Net $14K weekl... View Details
RJ-9000Overnight bread route net $120k only 119k$119995$59995$2300PrincetonNew JerseyEstablished and stop protected overnight bread route 6-7 nights per week. Pickup is in queens and the route comes with a truck. High net, priced to sell!
JBI-164Wise route Net 70k+ Only 3 days $99k total$99995$99995$1350brooklynNew YorkWell established owner retiring after 35 years. All cash accounts, route runs 3 1/2 days. Great opportunity to expand. The more you increase business the more y... View Details
MM-11000UTZ Route $129995$129995$1423CarlstadtNew JerseyWell established and protected UTZ Snack route, Now Servicing northern NJ, Great opportunity call Pat @ 1 800 801 5519 for more information on this business
MB-1011Fast Food Sea Food Net $105k only $129k total$129995$79995$2000HuntingtonNew YorkWell established and well known seafood fast food restaurant selling over 450k a year in sales absentee owner makes for a great opportunity for the right person... View Details
TRS-1111Tropicana Net $320k+ only $900k total / $529k down$949995$529995$6200ManhattanNew YorkWell established Tropicana route servicing west Manhattan and parts of joining Bronx areas selling over 93,000 cases. Owner operator with a helper does the rout... View Details
JMF-111fedex 2 routes Net $62k only $49k total$49995$49995$1200RalighNorth CarolinaBusiness Summary: Well established and protected Federal exp line haul routes (2) comes with 2 trucks. Must buy 3 more to be compliant by 2020. Applicants subj... View Details
HL-101Wholesale Territories $19k down $59k total with good credit$59995$19995$1000SuffolkNew YorkBusiness Summary: Wholesale territories, exclusive, protected products. This offering includes 25 stops, a 2017 branded sprinter type vehicle, inventory Jugs a... View Details
ME-107fedx Ground Fleet net $5,003 wk $729k Total FIRM$729995$729995$5003monmouth countyNew JerseyWell established and protected Fexex fleet with 7 trucks and 7 drivers.Owner is there 11 years and down sizing. Nets over $5k week call 1 800 801 5519 to lea... View Details
KM-206UTZ Chip Route NET 76k ASK 99k! 4 days week! PRICED TO SELL$99995$99995$1460N. ManhattanNew YorkWell established and protected UTZ Potato chip route with 20 super markets, 40 total accounts and 75% of the total accounts are CASH accounts. The current route... View Details
Pat-101Wise chip route net 60k asking 129k$129995$129995$1150Jersey City areaNew JerseyWell established and protected wise potato chip route. The route does around $7,750 a week in gross sales, netting the owner $1,150 after all expenses. This rou... View Details
Pat-102Wise chip route net 72k asking 169k total$169995$169995$1350Jersey City areaNew JerseyWell established and protected wise potato chip route. The route does around $8,300 a week in gross sales, netting the owner $1,350 after all expenses. This rou... View Details
Pat-103Wise chip routes net $2500 week, 299k total$299995$299995$2500Jersey City areaNew JerseyWell established and protected wise potato chip route's for sale. The first route does around $7,750 a week in gross sales and nets the owner $1,150, the second... View Details
Pat-104Food Truck, Great area - Net $70k year asking $65k Total$64995$64995$1350Essex CountyNew JerseyWell established food truck, working industrial areas, no construction areas. Great volume with a big group of everyday customers, grossing around $500 a day. N... View Details
MM-215UTZ Chip Route NET 65k ASK 139k! 4 days week! PRICED TO SELL$139995$65000$1250Central JerseyNew JerseyWell established and protected UTZ chip route located in a great area. The route is netting around $65,000 per year to the owner. Runs 4-5 days and grosses $8,... View Details
mjm-101Tropicana Route - Net $122k year only $379k 3 days$379995$379995$2345Manhattan New YorkWell established and protected Tropicana route. Running only 2 days a week selling 740 cases of Trop and 160 cases non trop adding over 23k more buyer work an e... View Details
MJM-102Snapple Net $349k only $949k$949000$800000$6723BronxNew YorkWell established and protected Snapple beverage route selling over 210,000 cases. Route comes with a truck and to work 5 days. These routes are rare so don't bl... View Details
sc-220fedx P&D Net $255k only $769k total$769995$769995$4904South East, Wisconsin WisconsinWell established Fed Ex fleet ownership / Retiring, Two managers & Driver qualified, Tremendous growth happening don't miss this one Priced to sell Call 800 801... View Details