Route Details
ID # SYL-1956
Route Name Amazon Line Haul Net $1.5M ABSENTEE only $5.9M
Total Price $ 5900000
Down Payment $ 5900000
Weekly Net $ 29879
City Orlando
State Florida
Business Description Well established, protected and exploding - Amazon fleet of 50 trucks with around 100 employees is running all over the south east. Owner owns other businesses and is looking to sell. A new attitude can add $300 a week per truck - the industry average is around $1,000 a truck net and will add $500 a week per truck and this would increase this routes net income $1.3 million To learn more call Frank @ 1 800 801 5519 - AMAZON is exploding you can add 100 more 200 more if you want to make $10 million there are VERY FEW places to look