Route Details
ID # F-282
Route Name Trucking L/Haul Net $936k Ask $2.29M, Absentee - Build to s
Total Price $ 2290000
Down Payment $ 2290000
Weekly Net $ 18000
City Reno area
State Nevada
Business Description Well Established, contract, protected and 100% Absentee trucking comes with 10, 2020 Freight liner sleeper trucks $1.2M+, 10 car carriers $400k+ and a Guaranteed first year Net income of $936k . Management handles all aspects. Unlike Fedex that has background, drug testing and a 1 year contracts. This has a 5 year renewable contract, true unlimited growth potential, and the best part. Everything is put in writing "Don't Blink", it wont last. To learn more about the opportunity contact Frank